" After Rain Comes the Rainbow "

A. King

After Rain Comes The Rainbow


Every day, after finishing my study at the university, I would walk along a long pathway before reaching home. I couldn't help but wonder why there were so many trash bags strewn across the street, seemingly untouched for a long time. This wasn't an isolated occurrence; he noticed it happening frequently in the same location during the pandemic. Intrigued, I began documenting these scenes and started to imagine the positive aspects of the city's waste, hoping to find happiness and tranquility amidst the chaos. I firmly believed that "After Rain Comes The Rainbow."


This collection consists of seven pieces depicting the city's trash problem during the pandemic in Hong Kong. Over the years, I had witnessed a significant amount of trash bags dumped on the main street. One day, I imagined these trash bags transforming into a cluster of balloons, slowly floating up in the air, only to collapse and melt into a liquid state at eye level. Each day seemed to bring no significant change - "Good Morning" was no different from "Good Night." Despite the unfavorable circumstances, I tried to embrace them and would tell myself, "Don't Worry. Be Happy," with the hope that "After Rain Comes The Rainbow."


My painting style and sketching technique are unique. I used acrylic markers and hand-painted each artwork slowly to preserve the brush strokes visible on the canvas. The composition of the paintings was carefully considered to create a dynamic and moving effect with the balloons. My color palette, consisting of 30 vibrant, fluorescent, and lively colors, reflects my imaginative vision. In addition to the trash bags, I also observed various obstacles along the street on a typical day, which I found to be unusual and surreal. I believed that everything we can imagine has a reality to it. I spent a few months conducting observations, interviews, and photo shoots to ensure the accuracy of the patterns depicted in my artwork. I then began the drafting process, relying on my instinct and memory.




Participatory Design with older adults - exploring the latent needs of young-old in daily living using universal design approach


Thanks for having me in Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair 2024 - Ushering in the Silver Economy in Retail Business. Our panel discussion is about Tapping into the Rising Spending Power of the Seniors. I shared about my design research experience over the years regarding co-designing with older people and put research into practice.


Happy to meet Sylwin Angdrew, General Manager from Ageing Asia and Ines Liu, Senior Manager, International Business Advisory from Dezan Shira & Associates to share about their professional practice in the field, and thanks Tiffany again from Hong Kong Trade Development Council for her invitation.