About Us


Alex King Atelier (Former A&J Design) is a fast-moving company in Hong Kong strives to become the leading design and art print consultancy that composed of 3 essential elements.


Research Capability: We have a small team of researchers to conduct qualitative research and participative design research to explore the latent needs of target groups. Collaborative project-based partners include Social Welfare Department, Environmental Protection Department and local secondary schools.


Brand Product Design: We are award-winning design agency offering high quality product design, sustainable packaging, stationery and healthcare products. Recently, we obtained several international awards including Red Dot Design Awards, iF Design Awards, Global Design Awards and Hong Kong Smart Design Awards and Hong Kong Print Awards. 


Print Service: We partnered with sizable printing firms in greater China to contribute advanced printing service, letterpress and 3d printing.

Our team

Alex King


Designer, Artist and Ethnographer

Zoe Lai


Director of Business Development

Research Team


Explore, collaborate and contribute to society